About Us

We are Red Squirrel Bushcraft Co.

Our Mission:  To encourage more people to detach from the comforts of civilized society, to venture into the great outdoors, and to gather the equipment and to learn the skills that will allow them to GO FURTHER, to STAY OUT LONGER, and to CONNECT DEEPER  with our wild and untamed Mother Earth.

Our Motto:  Stems from the quote "Lost is never a state of place, but a state of mind."  We dare you to join us in our state of mind, a friendly challenge - COME AND FIND US

Our Vision:  To be the type of store that both experienced and "want-to-be" backcountry campers and bushcrafters will deem synonymous with great gear, with great utility, quality, and value.  When someone hears "Red Squirrel" they think outdoors and backcountry camping.

As a small online retailer out of London, Ontario Canada, we are humble enough to not compete against big box retailers like Canadian Tire, MEC, etc. who can carry a large variety of "camping" gear, but rather we choose to focus our efforts on sourcing and customizing products that will help distinguish the Red Squirrel Bushcraft brand in the bushcraft and backcountry camping online space, balancing the fine line between price and value.  We WILL NOT fill our online store with pointless items just to have "stuff" for sale.

With roots in both British Columbia and Ontario Canada with 2 decades of backcountry experience, and a passion for the outdoors, Red Squirrel's collection of packs, shelters, clothing, and gear will help you find your perfect balance between connecting and comfort.